Foto – Foto Peristiwa Paling Menyedihkan di Dunia

September 2001
The 9/11 Attack

Abu Ghraib:
abu ghraib

An Afghan Refugee Child Hides From a Dust Storm
An Afghan refugee child hides from a dust storm

Bhopal India – Methyl Isocyanate Spill
Bhopal India


Boston Fire
boston fire

Buchenwald Camp
Buchenwald camp

Burial Of an Unknown Child
burial of an unknown child

Burning Monk
burning monk


Execution Of a Viet Cong Guerrilla
execution of a viet cong guerrilla

Hector Pieterson
Hector Pieterson
Last Jew Of Vinnitsa
last jew of vinnitsa

Lynching Of Young Blacks
lynching of young blacks

Nagasaki Hiroshima Masroon Clouds
nagasaki hiroshima masroon clouds

Napalm Girl
napalm girl

Nile Perch in Lake
Nile Perch in Lake

Nilgunyalcin Child Vulture
nilgunyalcin child vulture



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