Foto – foto Lucu Antara Manusia dan Hewan…

20. It’s story time

19. I’m gonna eat yooaaaa

18. I’m gonna eat yooaaaa: Part Deux

17. Ready, Aim, POOP

16. Not everyone is afraid

15. Cat’s Eyes!! Pun Intended

14. Best way to lose fat – run with your bear

13. This is SCARY

12. Try doing a pullup NOW…B***H

11. This is just wrong

10. Look Maa, there’s a croco…YIKES!!!

9. Now give us a smile horsey…Ummm…How about, you don’t

8. Something not right about my pillow today

7. I like to bite butt’s and a CAN NOT lie

6. MUMMY!! There’s something growing on top of my HEAD!!

5. Just BUSH being himself

4. Yeah so what happened was..WWWAAAAAAAAA

3. Beauty, the Beast and the Finger

2. And this is how you give someone a headlock

1. I thought it was only us guys who liked those

sumber : 


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