Rumah Iglo yang Terbuat dari Ratusan Kulkas

igloo-fridge (1)

While I’m sure Ralf had fun building this absurd piece, the actual reason of the project is to raise awareness to the amount of energy people are wasting nowadays. At the outside a huge electricity meter showed how much energy would be consumed by all those fridges.
In the last picture you can see a list of all the materials they needed and some important facts about it. Some points translate as follows: 15.684 Vector Lines, 13 bars of concept chocolat, 10.5 tons of weight, 322 Refrigerators, 30.780 watts of energy, 1.718 meters of wire, 35 pairs of gloves, 487 sandwiches by mommy, 49.000 calories, 120 leisure-time beers. It is 5.6 meters high on the outside, 4.82 meters on the inside, has an outer diameter of 11 meters and an inner diameter of 9.8 meters.
igloo-fridge (3)
igloo-fridge (4)
igloo-fridge (5)
igloo-fridge (2)
igloo-fridge (6)

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